BaerCoil® Thread repair set for simple repairs

Have you got a defective thread? It would be really good to have the right repair set to hand. Our compact thread repair set for various thread sizes and thread types are equipped perfectly for your individual applications. You can repair everything from spark plug threads to oil outlet threads, even with "screw grip". And the best thing is that the repaired thread is more resistant than the original. This makes the repair worth twice as much.

Four steps to a new thread

  1. Drill new core – if necessary
  2. Cut thread
  3. Install thread insert
  4. Break tang

Are you looking for a thread repair set that meets your requirements? Please speak to us.

Your tools and BaerCoil® thread inserts – that's a match.

Our thread inserts are standardized – normally according or similar to DIN 8140 – and thus matched and mostly compatible with wire thread inserts, assembly tools and thread taps from other manufacturers. We can also supply thread inserts compliant with the standards DIN 65536, EN 2944, LN 9039, LN 9499, NASM 21209 and others. We recommend checking these specifications carefully in each individual case.

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