Repair of threaded inserts and armor

Threads are often exposed to high loads. They have to withstand great forces, withstand vibrations and, depending on the place of use, also withstand wind and weather. Wear and tear can hardly be avoided. But even if a thread fails, you still don't need expensive spare parts. Threads can be repaired wonderfully!

We at BAER have dedicated ourselves heart and soul to the topics of defective threads and tapping for 40 years. That's why we know exactly how you can repair screw threads and contribute to a long service life and increased load capacity of threads. For this purpose, we have developed our BaerCoil® product line. Here you will find repair thread inserts for every conceivable application as well as an extensive range of tools and thread repair kits. Everything you need to easily repair and strengthen your threads. Our tools are made from the highest quality raw material and with great precision, for perfect results that you will enjoy for a long time.

Our BaerCoil® Thread Inserts - Thread Insert Repair

Repairing instead of buying new - this way you not only contribute to more sustainability, you also save money. And best of all, when you repair a thread with our repair thread inserts, it is stronger than before. This is because a repair thread insert specifically improves certain properties of the thread, ensuring greater stability and a long service life. In materials with low shear strength, such as aluminum or magnesium, you can increase the pull-out strength with our repair thread inserts. And thanks to the high surface quality of BaerCoil® repair thread inserts, you can achieve a higher preload force with the same tightening torque. Static and dynamic operating loads are evenly distributed among the individual thread turns, providing a more balanced load. And where the forces are better distributed, there is also less wear. In addition, when using BaerCoil® repair thread inserts, the shear area increases, which further reduces the individual load per mm².

The increased load capacity of the repair thread inserts is accompanied by savings in space and weight. Because suddenly you need less space without having to fear for the strength of your connection. Smaller thread diameters and shorter thread lengths save weight and material, and therefore money. You can achieve a full 10% to 30% material savings by using the BaerCoil® repair thread inserts. And that's not the end of it, because the repair will ultimately save you expensive spare parts. So repairing with thread inserts is worthwhile in any case, and in all areas of application. From irons to aircraft engines - wherever there are defective threads, you can repair them. Just give it a try and see for yourself!

How to work with the BaerCoil® repair thread inserts

Our repair thread inserts can be installed either by hand or with the machine or cordless screwdriver. First, you drill the damaged thread with a twist drill. Then you can use a taper countersink to countersink the hole. Using cutting oil, you then cut the desired holding thread in the prepared hole. Finally, the repair thread insert is used. Here, the procedure differs between hand and machine tapping. If you cut the thread by hand, you continue with the assembly tool for manual installation. On this, you attach the repair thread insert so that the tang is securely seated in the groove. With calm and light pressure, you can now screw the thread insert into the mounting thread. When doing so, always work in the running direction only so as not to break off the tang. If you are working with a machine installation tool, you must first set the lock nuts to the desired installation depth. Then screw the repair thread insert onto the tool and screw it into the mounting thread. Once the lock nut is in place, set the machine to counterclockwise rotation to unscrew the installation tool. With both methods, you must now break the tang from the thread insert. The easiest way to do this is with a tang breaker; for spark plugs or larger dimensions, use needle-nose pliers.

Your tools and BaerCoil® thread inserts - the perfect match.

Our thread inserts are standardized - usually according to DIN 8140 or similar - and therefore mostly suitable and compatible with wire thread inserts, installation tools and taps of other manufacturers. In addition, we can supply thread inserts according to the standards DIN 65536, EN 2944, LN 9039, LN 9499, NASM 21209 and others. Here we recommend to check these specifications carefully in case of need.

The right BaerCoil® repair thread insert for your application area

With our BaerCoil® products we support you in repairing a defective thread with a repair thread insert. We offer more than just a standard solution. In our Online-Shop you will find a wide range of repair thread inserts made of different materials for all applications.

The all-rounder is stainless steel V2A. Repair thread inserts made of this material are suitable for most applications under normal conditions. Repair thread inserts made of stainless steel V4A are characterized by improved corrosion resistance and lower thread friction. They are suitable for use in salt water and chlorinated water, such as swimming pools. Inconel X750 is a nickel-chromium alloy that has particularly good corrosion and oxidation resistance and can withstand high temperatures. Repair thread inserts made of this material are required in the aerospace industry, for aircraft engines or turbines. Repair thread inserts made of bronze, on the other hand, have particularly good electrical conductivity and can also be used in salt water.

BaerCoil® repair thread inserts of the "free-flowing" type have a diamond-shaped cross-section that combines performance with low space requirements. In addition, our product range also includes BaerCoil® repair thread inserts of the "screw grip" type. This special variant impresses with polygonally shaped coils that bring special clamping properties. These are indispensable in areas where regular shocks and vibrations occur.

Have you found the right repair thread insert? Then take a look at our thread repair kits. Here we have, in addition to the repair thread inserts also all the necessary tools in a box together. So nothing is forgotten and you can start immediately. If you have any questions or problems, you can always contact our customer service. With great expertise, we dedicate ourselves to your request and actively support you in the professional execution of your thread repair. If you already know directly which repair thread insert is the right one, you can also buy it right away in our Online-Shop from BAER Tools.

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