BaerCoil® thread repair kits for longer durability

For the repair directly on the thread, a thread repair kit with various helpful tools is necessary, mostly core hole twist drills, special taps, insertion tools, tang breakers and stainless steel thread inserts are used.

Depending on the initial problem and thread, different methods of repair are possible. For example, a commercial thread repair kit usually includes thread inserts (also called threaded bushings). The thread repair with such thread inserts makes the thread more resilient than before, so that one can also speak of a thread reinforcement or thread armoring.

We at BAER offer you matching tools as well as our popular thread repair kits for internal threads in highest quality at an attractive price!

Thread repair - when is it necessary and with what is it done?

You need a thread repair kit so that a defective thread allows a screw to be screwed in safely again. But how can a thread break in the first place?

The most common causes of a broken thread are:

  • The screw was screwed in too tight.
  • The screw has been forcibly or improperly unscrewed.
  • The screw has rusted in the thread and must be carefully removed with pliers or a drill or, in the worst case, burned out.
  • The base material was so soft that a tight screw connection could not be made in the first place.

In all cases, the thread is damaged, sheared or deformed, but this can be remedied with a thread repair kit.

Depending on the initial situation and the condition of the broken thread, you can use various tools included in any good thread repair kit to make the repair.

Tip: If a screw debris has become stubbornly lodged in the thread, it can sometimes be unscrewed with a left-hand driver. You could also try welding a hex nut onto the rest of the bolt and then unscrewing the two together.

From this you can see that if you have a good kit or a comprehensive thread repair kit, you will be well equipped to handle thread repair in difficult cases!

Mostly the following contents are in a thread repair kit:

  • A thread insert (threaded bush) or several thread inserts with internal thread, which are inserted into a ready-cut thread.
  • A twist drill for reaming the damaged thread
  • A tap for cutting the new thread
  • Assembly tools for screwing in and removing a threaded insert
  • A tang breaker to remove the tang after screwing in the thread insert

Repair procedure using the thread repair kit:

  • Establish the thread size.
  • Clamp the appropriate core hole drill and make sure to oil it well with a cutting oil.
  • Now drill the broken thread with it.
  • Now the tap is used, it is clamped in a tap wrench.
  • The tap must also be well oiled with tapping oil.
  • Now you can cut the thread for the thread insert.
  • Select the appropriate thread insert and turn it in with the turning tool.
  • At the end, break the tang with the tang breaker and check the overall result.

Criteria for the purchase of a thread repair kit

For thread repair you need special tools and accessories, which you can purchase individually or as a set. Which variant you choose is up to you, but buying a thread repair kit also brings advantages:

  • With a thread repair kit, you have all the components you need right at hand.
  • Thread inserts selected to fit the receiving thread ensure a permanent stable connection.
  • Thread inserts are available in many lengths, sizes and pitches to meet different needs. Pay particular attention to an appropriate thread dimension for a metric thread!

These are the benefits of our BaerCoil® thread repair kits:

The repaired thread is longer lasting and more stable than the original thread in your workpiece. The reasons for this are the tight and exact tolerances as well as the forming of the spring thread.

The BaerCoil® thread repair kits are used in particular for thread reinforcement of materials with low shear strength, such as aluminum and plastic. They are used in mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical, medical, and aerospace applications.

Our thread repair kits also contribute to sustainability by minimizing scrap through their use and making components usable again through repair.

Not only that. At the same time, you save costs and benefit from high-quality threads.

Changing threads - no magic

You accidentally cut the wrong thread and now want a different thread in your component? That is also possible. With our thread repair kits, for example, you can transform a standard thread into a fine thread - provided they have the same diameter. This offers you not only thread reinforcement, but also flexibility.

Taking a closer look at thread repair kits? Or maybe you haven't found the right thread repair kit? We'll be happy to help with custom fabrications. Just get in touch with us.

Your tools and BaerCoil® thread inserts - the perfect match.

Our thread inserts are standardized - usually according to DIN 8140 or similar - and therefore mostly suitable and compatible with wire thread inserts, installation tools and taps of other manufacturers. In addition, we can supply thread inserts according to the standards DIN 65536, EN 2944, LN 9039, LN 9499, NASM 21209 and others. Here we recommend to check these specifications carefully in case of need.

Our thread repair kits for various applications

Our BaerCoil® thread repair kits offer you a wide selection for every type of thread:

  • for metric sizes from M2 to M42 as well as all metric fine thread sizes and international standards
  • for oil drain screw threads in various sizes
  • for spark plug threads
  • for blind holes, from M3 to M16
  • Repair kits MIX - M3 to M14, incl. core drill, tap, installation tool and tang breaker
  • Repair kits "Screw Grip" (M3 - M30) with particularly tight-fitting wire thread inserts
  • Repair kits PRO with core hole drill and machine tap

Our thread inserts are standardized and therefore compatible with tools and accessories from other manufacturers. We will be happy to advise you on the selection!

Thread repair - with high-quality tools from BaerCoil

We offer a wide range of tools for every application, but always in the highest quality and sturdy design - so you can enjoy them for a long time!

We are proud to be able to offer you a very special shopping experience in our well-stocked Online-Shop and to be able to offer you a very special shopping experience with our excellent service. We help you from the first contact with a detailed consultation to help you choose the tools or thread repair kits for your individual application.

In order to best realize your and our ideas of high quality, we choose only high quality raw materials and reliable suppliers for production. Our production process is excellently planned and we additionally ensure the quality by a very careful final inspection.

Parallel to the current production of the existing assortment, we are constantly developing other innovative products that will make your work easier and that are also of absolute high quality.

Do you have any questions before ordering a thread repair kit or do you need professional advice? We will be happy to help you. Feel free to contact us today in writing or by phone!

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