BaerCoil® – everything that makes your threaded connection strong

A thread does not always stand up to what is expected of it. How fortunate that there is the option to strengthen or repair it. The BaerCoil® products are designed to do an excellent job in a wide variety of applications.

The wire thread inserts are made of coiled wire with a rhombic cross section. After you drill the core hole, you tap with the tap and insert the wire thread inserts for a precise fit. What distinguishes this method? The thread inserts are quite slim and thus take up little space. In addition, the forces are distributed evenly over the threads. This gives us very high load limits, which are many times higher than with normal threaded connections.

From thread inserts to assembly tools, BaerCoil® offers you everything you need to give your thread new strength. The best thing to do is to see the rich BaerCoil® range for yourself.

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With tangless BaerCoil® NoTang thread insert, you save time during installation because the tang no longer has to be broken. Sensitive components or electronic components in particular can be reinforced safely, quickly and easily with our thread inserts. And without the risk of foreign bodies.

Create a load-bearing connection that can withstand high thermal and mechanical loads. BaerCoil® wire thread inserts are available in the "free running" and "screw grip" types and in various materials and designs.

Having everything you need for thread repair right at hand not only saves nerves, but also time. The BaerCoil® thread repair assortments are your practical helpers for thread repair and include several dimensions. The assortments are therefore ideal for any workshop where thread repairs are more common.

High quality steel makes the BaerCoil® tap extremely hard. It cuts the receiving thread for your BaerCoil® thread inserts and thus has a slightly larger diameter. However, the decisive factor for the designation is the size of the target thread you want to achieve.

The BaerCoil® thread repair kits are designed for different thread sizes or thread types. So you always have everything you need for the respective size at hand in the sets and can start directly with the thread repair.

The practical BaerCoil® assembly tools make it easy to use new wire threads. Whether by hand or machine - you have the right tool for every application. Even if you want to repair deep-seated threads.

BaerFix® – and your thread is firmly anchored in place

Whether thread reinforcement or thread repair - self-tapping thread inserts are ideally suited for producing highly stressable and wear-resistant screw connections in materials with low shear strength. The BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts are firmly anchored in the material and, in the variant with a cutting slot, withstand permanent shock and vibration. Pull-out-resistant and corrosion-resistant, they guarantee a long-lasting and solid screw connection for your workpieces. This contributes to safety in use as well as to cost savings in production.

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High requirements and low weight - the BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts are the specialists for this. They save you material and are indispensable in lightweight and mechanical engineering, mobility and aerospace.

Select your tool for thread repair in the practical plastic case. The BaerFix® thread repair assortments always contain several dimensions and are therefore ideal for the basic equipment of your workshop.

We offer the BaerFix® thread repair sets as ECO variant with five thread inserts each or as PRO variant with ten thread inserts and taper countersink. You have all the tools you need for your thread repair at your fingertips.

Whether cordless screwdriver or mechanical device - with the practical BaerFix® assembly tools you will easily succeed in using self-tapping threads.

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