BaerFix® thread repair assortments for stable repairs

A defective thread makes a workpiece unusable. With the BaerFix® thread repair assortment, you have the self-tapping thread insert you need for the repair right at hand. With the various thread sizes and thread types, you are precisely equipped for your individual applications. Your benefit: You have not only made your thread functional again, but it has a higher load capacity and is more resistant than the original one.

Our thread repair ranges are used in mechanical engineering, automotive, electrical and medical technology as well as in aerospace. They are particularly suitable for aluminum, light metals, non-ferrous metals, brass, bronze, cast iron, plastics, laminates and hardwood, among others.

Four steps to the new thread

  1. Core hole drilling
  2. Turn the thread insert onto the installation tool
  3. Screw in thread insert
  4. Loosen lock nut and unscrew installation tool

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