BaerFix® Assembly Tools

… for manual thread insert 

Do you wish to repair damaged or worn-out threads? Fitting self-tapping thread inserts is easy using BaerFix® assembly tools. Drill the old hole out with a core hole drill and countersink the hole, if necessary. Screw the BaerFix® onto your assembly tool and secure it with the nut. If you now screw BaerFix® into the hole, the thread insert cuts its receiving thread itself. YOu can operate the assembly tool with its ¼ inch bit holder- with a battery powered driver, a ratchet or a socket. Now you just need to loosen the nut and remove the assembly tool.
Your new thread is finished: wear-resistant, strong and vibration-proof.

… for fitting by machine

Machine operation required special tools. The holder is similar to that of thread drills and is suitable for high-speed cutting machines with thread die chucks, collet chucks and square carrier. Similar to thread cutting, you tighten the tool on the round and itis then carries by the square carrier. The assembly tool has a sheath, which locks in a right-hand thread with the thread insert and fixes it for assembly. To release the sheath, turn the tool anti-clockwise after the thread insert has been fitted and you can easily unscrew the assembly tool from the thread insert.
This is practical and outstandingly suited for your serial production.

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