BaerFix® assembly tools

... for thread insertion by hand

You want to repair damaged or worn threads? Mounting self-tapping thread inserts is easy with BaerFix® mounting tools. Drill out the old hole with a core drill and - if necessary - countersink the hole with a taper countersink. Screw BaerFix® onto your installation tool and lock it with the nut. When you now screw BaerFix® into the hole, the thread insert will cut its own mounting thread. You can screw in the installation tool with its ¼ inch bit receptacle using a cordless screwdriver, ratchet or nut. Now all you have to do is loosen the lock nut and unscrew the installation tool.
Your new thread is ready: wear-resistant, highly durable and vibration-proof.

... for assembly with the machine

The machine operation requires special tools. Thus, for them, the reception is similar to that of taps and is suitable with tapping chucks, collets with square drive for tapping attachments. Similar to tapping, you clamp the tool on the round shank and is thus carried along by the square. The driving tool has a sleeve that locks with the threaded insert in clockwise rotation, fixing it in place for installation. To release the sleeve, turn the tool counterclockwise after installing the threaded insert and you can easily unscrew the insertion tool from the threaded insert.
This is convenient and excellent for your series processing.

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