Sustainability – we take responsibility

We take responsibility – to our fellow men and to future generations. Wir align our actions in accordance with the huge trend of neo-ecology with intelligent and sustainable management of resources. for us, sustainability is a value system that brings the greatest respect to humans and the environment. We try to run our business in such a way that our actions are as careful as possible. We have created structures to evaluate our products, processes and our own actions.

Specifically, for us this means:

  • Local production for the local market: short pathways, fast delivery times, low CO2 emissions
  • All suppliers meet German or European standards and environmental conditions
  • Use of 100 green electricity in production and all company areas
  • Use of technology to save energy and so reduce CO2-emissions
  • Continuous investment in energy-efficient machines, logistics systems and lighting
  • High tool quality thread cutters and formers which save energy and costs in industry
  • Recycling of waste Abfall
  • Environmentally friendly disposal of used oil and grinding sludge
  • Shredding of old cardboard into packaging material

Looking for New Solutions

We at BAER Vertriebs GmbH are proud to offer our customers products that are not only good for you, but also good for the environment. We are continuously developing new ways to make our products even more environmentally friendly and thus contribute to the protection of our earth. For example, we are developing alternative solutions to replace our plastic boxes with an environmentally friendly material. We also have a cutting paste in our product range that does not contain sulfur, petroleum or chlorine.

We pride ourselves on offering the best possible products to our customers. To ensure that our products continue to meet the highest standards, we have set ourselves the goal of improving environmental compatibility and paying special attention to the health of our employees: in the production halls, air purifiers filter all production additives from the air. We have also installed air purifiers in the offices and logistics to keep exposure to pathogens to a minimum. In terms of occupational safety, we are always up to date to ensure healthy and fatigue-free work.

Long-term success instead of short-term benefits – that's what we act on.