BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts – firmly fixed

Strong connections with high resistance to pull-out is exactly what you expect from your thread. Whether it is from the aspect of safety or reliability, you need to rely on the durability of your thread. BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts guarantee a durable firm anchorage in your workpiece.

Repair or reinforce?

If your thread is worn or stripped, it will no longer be possible to form a strong material connection. This is where the BaerFix® self-tapping thread insert with cutting slots or cutting holes comes into its own, depending on the material and the demands. You cut your female thread yourself by screwing it into a receiving hole. This is simple and is 100 per cent secure. But a thread does not have to be broken before it can be replaced. Self-tapping thread inserts can also be used to reinforce existing threads.

Save weight and costs

Saving weight is an important factor for many products. BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts come into their own here: fewer connection parts, reduced bolt dimensions, savings in material and space – all this with a low weight and high demands.

If there are components in production with damaged threads, they do not have to be scrapped. Just insert a thread insert with the same thread dimensions into the component – and the reject becomes a product that you can even sell with an improved thread.

That is fixed. Permanently.

BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts are of the highest quality standard in the whole metal and plastic processing industry and are mainly used in these materials:

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Brass, bronze, cast iron
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Duroplast and thermoplastic
  • all materials – including ferrous and non-ferrous metals with low shear strength

What application are you looking for a firm bolt connection for? Please feel free to contact us.

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