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If a thread cannot withstand what is asked of it, a thread insert from BaerCoil or BaerFix provides the necessary support. From now on, defective or unstable threads are no longer a problem. With a thread insert from BAER, your thread can withstand the highest tightening strength while being well protected from wear.

Our thread inserts do an excellent job, they give threads new strength, increase load capacity and help against rapid wear. This makes them perfect for repairing and protecting. BAER Thread inserts are available for regular and fine threads.

BaerFix and BaerCoil - for high-strength threads thanks to thread insert

Quality has always been close to our hearts. That's why we adhere to high quality standards in the manufacture of every product. To ensure that we can convince you of this as well, our quality management is ISO 9001 certified. At BAER, you can always count on the highest quality and safety of every single tool.

With thread inserts from BaerCoil and BaerFix you can strengthen and repair your threads. Thus, you get a thread that is even more stable than before the repair. If you are looking for optimum hold and maximum precision for your thread, BAER is the right place for you.

Save weight and costs

Saving weight is an important factor for many products. BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts come into their own here: fewer connection parts, reduced bolt dimensions, savings in material and space – all this with a low weight and high demands.

If there are components in production with damaged threads, they do not have to be scrapped. Just insert a thread insert with the same thread dimensions into the component – and the reject becomes a product that you can even sell with an improved thread.

That is fixed. Permanently.

BaerFix® self-tapping thread inserts are of the highest quality standard in the whole metal and plastic processing industry and are mainly used in these materials:

  • Aluminum and aluminum alloys
  • Brass, bronze, cast iron
  • Magnesium alloys
  • Duroplast and thermoplastic
  • all materials – including ferrous and non-ferrous metals with low shear strength

What application are you looking for a firm bolt connection for? Please feel free to contact us.

Self-tapping BaerFix thread insert for metal and co.

Worn or stripped threads don't have to mean the end of the component. With our BaerFix thread insert you have a fast and stable solution for broken threads. Our Baercoil thread inserts are suitable for metal as well as plastic. So you can again rely on the stability and safety of your thread.

The self-tapping BaerFix thread insert stabilizes reliably and is also completely easy to use. With a cutting slot or a cutting hole, depending on the material, it cuts its own receiving hole. This ensures maximum precision and 100% stability. The self-tapping variant is your fixed solution for optimum thread durability.

With BaerFix your thread will be even better than before. In addition, you save on the connecting parts and the carrier material and thus also on the weight. And still your thread will withstand all the high demands. In addition, they are ideally suited for a whole range of materials. These include aluminum and aluminum alloys, brass, bronze and cast iron, magnesium alloys, thermosets and thermoplastics, and all materials with low shear strength. This applies to both iron and other metals.

Buy thread insert - BaerCoil wire thread insert

A Baercoil wire thread insert is just right when static or dynamic forces are acting. Because these are distributed over the entire thread with the help of the thread insert. The thread insert can be used to repair or strengthen your thread and makes it fit for heavy loads and high temperatures. This makes our wire thread insert particularly appealing to customers in the automotive, aerospace and mechanical engineering industries, as well as manufacturers of military equipment. Our BaerCoil wire thread insert is a real all-rounder with many advantages.

The BaerCoil thread insert makes your connection strong and sustainable

When it comes to reinforcing threads, the BaerCoil wire thread insert does an excellent job. It is the perfect thread insert for metal and steel with low shear strength. Because here it provides the necessary support and holds the screw firmly in the thread. You can rely on it even at high temperatures (in the InconelX750 version even up to 550°C).

Its outstanding technical properties, combined with the high surface quality, ensure a precise and wear-resistant connection. This means that less carrier material and small screw connections are required, which has a cost- and resource-saving effect.

BaerCoil thread insert - the emergency solution for broken threads

Not only is the BaerCoil wire thread insert ideal for reinforcement, but it also comes in handy in the event of a broken thread. With BaerCoil, a broken or worn thread is not immediately the end for the entire component. On the contrary, our BaerCoil wire thread insert makes it even stronger than before. Simply cut the new thread and insert the BaerCoil thread insert - and you have a strong connection that can withstand high pressure and temperatures. Angular or pitch errors can also be perfectly compensated for with the BaerCoil wire thread insert.

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Discover a range of wire thread inserts for different thread standards and materials in the online store of BAER Tools. Also with our self-tapping thread inserts you have the choice between those for easy to difficult to machine materials or those for spark plug threads. If you are not sure which is the right thread insert for your case, please feel free to contact us. We will be at your side with our expert advice. With our help, you will find the right thread insert for every dimension and material.

Also for thread repair sets or further accessories BAER is your first contact. Because with us you will not only find everything for stabilization, but also everything you need for the complete repair, assembly or reinforcement of a thread. Because we have been experts in strong threads for 40 years.

When you buy a thread insert in our online store, you also benefit from our numerous purchasing advantages. Between our payment options such as PayPal, purchase on account, credit card, etc., simply choose what is most convenient for you. In addition, you can also completely rely on BAER for fast and secure shipping.