BaerCoil® Thread taps – strong and precise

How do they differ from normal thread taps? The external diameter is a little bit bigger to accommodate the wire thread insert.

BaerCoil® thread taps ensure cut and burr-free edges. As each material has its own chipping properties, thread taps need to have the right rake angle and have a specially treated surface. This means that the chips produced can be transported away.

The result: a thread with an accurate gauge and outstanding surface, and along working life of the tool.

Precise and strong …

… these are the qualities that mark our thread taps out. We use high quality steel, which guarantees a very long life for our threat taps. Special hardening processes and multiple annealing ensure an extremely homogeneous hardening structure that contributes to strength and toughness. Our STI or EC thread taps are manufactured from HSS or HSSE high-performance fast-worked steel to precise standards. Benefit from unbeatable value for money with BaerCoil® quality.

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Your tools and BaerCoil® Thread inserts – that's a match.

Our thread inserts are standardized – normally according or similar to DIN 8140 – and thus matched and mostly compatible with wire thread inserts, assembly tools and thread taps from other manufacturers. We can also supply thread inserts compliant with the standards DIN 65536, EN 2944, LN 9039, LN 9499, NASM 21209 and others. We recommend checking these specifications carefully in each individual case.

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