BAER Product groups

Are you looking for thread drills, wire thread inserts or self-tapping thread inserts? We concentrate specifically on the development and production of these tools.

BAER taps and threading dies
– Everything for cutting threads –

Are you looking for thread cutters for cutting internal or external threads? We offer all types, norms and sizes of thread drills, thread formers, and threading dies. With the matching fitting tools, of course. We would also be happy to manufacture tools specifically for your purpose.

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BAER Drill Chucks

– available in the online shop –

A large selection of chucks – starting from chucks for battery drivers to high-precision chucks for CNC machines. Browse in our online shop.

BAER Direct sales –Thread drills and threading dies direct online from experts for experts

In the huge range, you will find hand thread drills, combi thread drills, bit thread drills, machine thread formers, machine thread drills, threading cutters, threading dies, hexagonal threading nuts, spiral drills, thread gauges, thread plug gauges, tap wrenches, threading die holders, self-tapping threaded bushes, wire thread inserts and chucks. These can be obtained in all designs and for a wide range of materials and applications, always to the highest quality and at outstanding value for money. The tools speak for themselves.