BaerCoil® Assembly tools – every move is perfect

Whether it be for reinforcement or repair of your thread – thread inserts are fitted perfectly with BaerCoil® assembly tools. First, you need the right drill bit which is available to you in various intermediate sizes. Then select the driver tool for manual or machine operation. The square holder allows you to extend so that you can even reach deep locations.

Do you work with an electric or pneumatic screwdriver? Then choose the driver tool with the bit holder. When you have then broken off the tang with the break-off tool, your thread insert is ready to receive the bolt.

If you wish to remove a thread insert, we offer the right removal tools.

Do you have any questions about our assembly tools? Please speak to us.

Your tools and BaerCoil® thread inserts – that's a match.

Our thread inserts are standardized – normally according or similar to DIN 8140 – and thus matched and mostly compatible with wire thread inserts, assembly tools and thread taps from other manufacturers. We can also supply thread inserts compliant with the standards DIN 65536, EN 2944, LN 9039, LN 9499, NASM 21209 and others. We recommend checking these specifications carefully in each individual case.

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