BaerCoil® NoTang Thread insert without tang: Thread repair and thread armoring has never been so easy!

At BAER, we are true fans of sustainability and cost-effective solutions. Our BaerCoil® system for thread repair, thread reinforcement and thread armoring has already saved our customers a lot of time and money over the years. Repairing instead of replacing and at the same time providing for a long service life - that is the motto behind BaerCoil®. Especially materials with low shear strength sometimes need some help to support stable threads. Thread inserts from BaerCoil® bring a high surface quality and distribute the forces acting on the thread evenly over the individual threads thanks to their special shape. Small insert, big effect! This is how you protect your thread from wear and corrosion with little effort. And now, repairing and reinforcing threads is even easier, because BaerCoil® has grown!

We present: The BaerCoil® NoTang System with thread inserts without tangs. "NoTang" means "without tang". Based on our proven wire thread inserts, this variant without tang makes the work even easier. For our BaerCoil® NoTang thread inserts without tangs, we use an innovative way to attach to the installation tool that does not require a tang. This means that when using the thread insert without tang, the complete work step of tang breaking is omitted. And what's more: other annoying side effects are also a thing of the past. Breaking the tang can damage the component? Is the component too sensitive or even an electronic component and therefore very sensitive? The broken tang lies in the component and cannot be removed? With BaerCoil® NoTang thread inserts, you no longer have to worry about this. In addition, the thread inserts can be screwed in on both sides, so you do not have to pay attention to how you screw the thread insert onto the special insertion tool.

BaerCoil® NoTang thread inserts without tang - All advantages at a glance

  • Breaking the tang becomes unnecessary: This not only saves you a work step, but also the effort of testing and documentation when a tang has disappeared into the component never to be seen again.
  • Increased working speed: With NoTang thread insert, you don't have to first determine where the top and bottom are, because it can be used on both sides. You will quickly notice how much time is saved by this small step during continuous use!
  • Smooth workflow: The less often an activity is interrupted by small steps, the easier it will be. The NoTang thread insert clears up several time wasters at once and ensures results that are fun to work with.
  • Compatible with the BaerCoil® system: Apart from the NoTang installation tool, you do not have to buy any new accessories, as the mounting thread of the NoTang thread inserts is identical to that of the conventional BaerCoil® wire thread inserts. Installation also works exactly as you are already used to.
  • Proven quality: Where BaerCoil® is on it, BAER is in it. As with all our products, you can rely on the highest quality in workmanship and material for the NoTang thread inserts without tang.

How does the BaerCoil® NoTang thread insert work without a tang?

Of course, the NoTang thread insert without tang must also somehow enter the thread. Instead of the driving pin, there are two small notches on the inside of this wire thread insert, each at the end of the spiral. At this point, the installation tool grips and takes the thread insert without the tang. Why are there two of these driver notches? For even more time saving! Because this way, you don't have to orient the NoTang thread insert before you install it. With NoTang thread inserts there is no top and bottom, the thread insert without tang can be used on both sides. Especially in series production, the time saved by eliminating this small handle quickly adds up to considerable lengths.  

We have also developed a new inserting tool to match the NoTang thread inserts without tang. This now no longer has a groove for holding the driving tang, but a sophisticated mechanism for gripping the notch. All other tools in the BaerCoil® system are compatible with NoTang. So if you are already working with BaerCoil®, you can simply continue to use your stock of assembly tools for the NoTang thread insert without tang.

BaerCoil® NoTang thread insert without tang: Innovative system - proven method

The installation of the BaerCoil® NoTang thread inserts without tang works in the same way as you are already used to with our BaerCoil® system:

  1. First, you drill our the thread with a drill bit and countersink it with a taper countersink.
  2. Then you cut the holding thread with a BaerCoil® tap. Do not forget to use cutting oil!
  3. Now the NoTang thread insert without tang is used. Screw it onto the bottom of the NoTang installation tool. The orientation of the insert does not matter.
  4. Adjust the locknuts of the installation tool according to the desired depth.
  5. With slight pressure, turn the tangless thread insert into the mounting thread until the nut touches down. The NoTang thread insert should now be seated ¼ to ½ turn below the surface.
  6. The inserting tool is screwed out again counterclockwise, the NoTang thread insert without tang remains in the thread, giving it a long service life and an extra portion of strength.

Convince yourself of the BaerCoil® NoTang thread inserts without tang!

The BaerCoil® NoTang thread insert without tang is an innovation in the field of thread repair, thread reinforcement and thread armoring that brings you real added value. Not only do you save time and money, but you also save space and weight by using lighter materials, smaller thread diameters and shorter thread lengths due to the increased load capacity of the thread. And with the NoTang thread insert, you'll enjoy all these benefits more conveniently than ever before! Try our new system and see for yourself.

Still questions? Then contact us! We are convinced of our product and will be happy to explain the advantages of NoTang tangless thread inserts to you again in a personal conversation or to address your specific concerns. We look forward to hearing from you!

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