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Quality and Precision – what we live for

There is nothing that gives greater joy than seeing you, our customers, satisfied.

That starts from the first contact and continues in the ongoing care. Several process steps lie in between, all of which meet the highest demands of quality of the product and service. We hold a comprehensive advice conversation with you and offer you a convenient purchasing process in the online shop to find the right tool for you.

We only purchase the highest quality raw materials and search out the best suited supplier. The manufacturing process is meticulously prepared. This means that we then supply thread tools and thread inserts that are extremely precise and lead to outstanding results in the customer's production. The final check of goods is the final touch before you receive out high-quality products.

Precision and quality are our top priorities in the development of new innovations. We aim to make working with our tools even easier for you so that you can achieve excellent results faster. BAER quality means to us everything that brings a benefit to you – simply the best customer benefit! We are regularly audited by the independent Hessen TÜV to ensure we are remaining true to this aim. We have already been awarded several certificates for quality management compliant with ISO 9001:2015 – evidence of our outstanding quality.

Strong emphasis on Development and Innovation – Guarantee of the best results

We get to know our customer's needs precisely to allow them to feed into the improvement of BAER products. Our team of experts collates all wishes systematically and analyzes them thoroughly. Through close collaboration with other sector partners, hardening shops, coaters and research centers, we keep our finger on the pulse. Our engagement also makes an important contribution to the implementation of innovative suggestions as a partner of the Dual University of Baden-Württemberg (DHBW).

BAER Tools offer fast, efficient solutions for nearly all trade and industrial tasks. Our extensive range of state-of-the-art powder metallurgic steel tools, the UniTap and thread repairers are easy to manage and keep on delighting our customers. That is our motivation .

Experience and Tradition – a fundamental understanding of partnerships

We have been doing this with a passion for over 40 years and we have concentrated on what we have learned most about: thread technology. BAER Vertriebs GmbH is a second-generation family business and has great experience. We identify fully and completely with our products, solutions and the most extensive service possible for our customers. We are always thinking long-term, from the products that we implement to sustainable company improvement overall. That means that as our customer, we are always reliable and offer you innovative shaping of the future – true to our high quality demands!

BAER Product Groups

Are you looking for thread drills, wire thread inserts or self-tapping thread inserts? We concentrate specifically on the development and production of such tools.

BAER taps and threading dies
– Everything for cutting threads –

Are you looking for thread cutters to cut interior or exterior threads? We offer all types, norms and sizes of thread drills, thread formers and threading. With the matching operating tools, of course. We will also be pleased to manufacture tools directly for your application.

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BAER Drill Chucks
– available in the online shop –

A large selection of chucks – starting from chucks for cordless drivers to high-precision chucks for CNC machines. Browse in our online shop.

BAER Direct sale – thread drills and threading dies direct online from experts for experts

In the huge range, you will find hand thread drills, combi- thread drills, bit-thread drills, machine thread formers, machine thread drills, thread cutters, threading dies, hexagonal die nuts, spiral drills, thread gauges, thread plug gauges, tap wrenches, die holders, self-tapping threaded bushes, wire thread inserts and chucks. You can get these in top quality and at an outstanding value for money in all forms and for a great range of materials and applications. The tools speak for themselves.

BAER Online Shop

Purchase thread drills and threading dies direct online from the pros. Benefit from the biggest selection with over 7,000 different articles, a high warehouse availability, factory sales prices and the best quality.

You can also find lots of tips and technical information on every thread and every thread so that you can quickly find the right tool for your purpose.