BaerCoil® thread inserts - type: screw grip

Areas of application

BaerCoil "screw grip" thread inserts are used primarily in areas where the screw connection should not loosen despite shocks, constant vibration or movement.

Threaded inserts - type: ,,screw grip" from BaerCoil

Performance features

BaerCoil "screw grip" thread inserts have one or more polygon-shaped coils which have a clamping effect on the flanks of the screw being screwed in. Due to this screw locking or screw clamping, we recommend using only screws of a higher strength class (from 8.8). This results in an elastically resilient frictional connection. The clamping torques are comparable with the specifications in DIN 267 Part 15 and ISO 2320.

Color marking

BaerCoil thread inserts "screw grip" are usually colored red to clearly distinguish them from the thread inserts "free running". This coloring has no further function.