BaerCoil® Wire Thread Inserts - Technical Information

BaerCoil inserts are manufactured from High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire that has been formed into a diamond section to exacting dimensional standards. When installed the BaerCoil provides a precision female thread of high surface finish and strength.

Querschnitt eines Gewindeeinsatzes

BaerCoil Inserts provide positive means for protecting and strengthening all tapped threads
They are mirror-smooth, reinforced internal threads of cold rolled 18-8 stainless steel, or other specialised material, with hardness far in excess of the usual tapped materials. The outstanding engineering features of BaerCoil inserts, recognised by the leading aerospace, industrial and military equipment manufactures, have established their widespread use in fields.

Guards against thread wear and corrosion resistance
Protects threads against wear and damage in all metals and their alloys - Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium, Copper, Steel, as well as in Plastics and other materials.
The superior corrosion resistant characteristics of BaerCoil inserts assure their adaptability to most materials and usual enviromental conditions.

Minimize Weight & Space
Weight saving is unmatched - an important design feature for many products, particularly airborne equipment. Space saving is maximised, permitting the use of standard boss configurations with oversize boss requirements - as is necessary to accommodate solid bushings. A boss radius equal to the norminal bolt size is adequate for most load conditions.

Maximum Clamping Torque
BaerCoil Inserts develop maximum clamping load and bolt tension through efficient use of the applied torque. Their smooth rolled thread surface assures the most effective use of high strenght alloy steel bolts.

Balances Stength Distribution
They strengthen threads by a more balanced distribution of dynamic and static loads for full length of thread engagement. The flexibility of the BaerCoil compensates for lead and angle error and allows each coil to carry its share of the load.

Minimize Total Cost
Overall production cost savings may be realised by using a less expensive material and still maintain the required thread strength with BaerCoil inserts. Costs savings apply in many directions - lower insert cost, lower installation costs and smaller bosses all produce savings.

Quality and Reliability
Stringent Quality Control is rigorously enforced in all phases of manufacturing.

Insert Retention
Correctly fitted the BaerCoil will not move. It is secured in through the radial pressure exerted by the coils bearing on the thread flanks. Radual Pressure exists due to the outside diameter of the BaerCoil, in its free state, being larger by a calculated amount than the tapped hole into which it is to be installed.

Skizze eines eingedrehten Gewindeeinsatzes

BaerCoil® wire thread inserts are compatible with wire thread inserts and tools from other manufacturers, in most cases. BaerCoil® inserts are mainly manufactured according to DIN 8140 so they have the same dimensions. Other standards like DIN65536, EN2944, LN9039, LN9490, LN9499, NASM21209, AS4736 to 4748, AGS3700 to 3799, MA3279 to 3281 and NASM214850 ect. are available, too. A compatibility cant be surely guaranteed so it is always recommend to test from case to case.