BaerCoil® Thread Inserts – Technical Information

BaerCoil thread inserts are mostly made of austenitic chromium-nickel steel (tensile strength of at least 1400 N/mm²). The diamond-shaped cross-section combines performance with minimum space consumption. With BaerCoil thread inserts you create a threaded connection that wear resistance, thread friction, surface finish, corrosion and heat resistance cannot be topped by any other single screw connection.

Irreplaceable in thread repair of worn and stripped threads, as well as thread reinforcement in materials with low shear strength or high loads.

BaerCoil inserts are manufactured from High Tensile Stainless Steel Wire that has been formed into a diamond section to exacting dimensional standards. When installed the BaerCoil provides a precision female thread of high surface finish and strength.

Cross section of a thread insert

BaerCoil inserts guarantee higher pull-out strength and protection against wear and corrosion
Baer Coil thread inserts have a high surface finish and are mostly made of stainless steel (A2) or other materials. The excellent technical properties of Baercoil inserts make us a recognized partner among leading companies in the aerospace industry, mechanical engineering industry and leading manufacturers of military equipment.

Protection against wear of threads
Protects threads against wear. High requirements such as by frequent loosening and tightening of the screw connection, in materials with thread shear strength or by corrosion-related caking of the bolt with the receiving thread. In all possible materials, such as aluminum, magnesium, titanium, copper, steel, as well as plastic ect.

Minimizing weight and space
Weight saving is an undisputed and important design element for many kinds of products. Maximum space savings are possible through maximum belsatability of the armored thread. With Baercoil thread inserts, fewer connection points are required and screw dimensions can be reduced. This means that material, installation space and weight can be saved while maintaining the same or higher requirements.

Low thread friction torque and torsional stress
Extremely low and constant thread engagement torque. For repeated tightening, a higher and constant preload demand is achieved at constant tightening torque. This leads to better utilization of the yield strength. The torsional stress is up to 90% lower than for threads without Baercoil thread inserts.

Balanced force distribution
With BaerCoil armored female threads, both static and dynamic operating loads are more evenly distributed among the individual thread turns.
The flexibility of the thread inserts compensates for pitch and angular errors so that ideal force transmission from the bolt to the female thread is achieved.

Guards against thread wear and corrosion resistance
Protects threads against wear and damage in all metals and their alloys - Aluminium, Magnesium, Titanium, Copper, Steel, as well as in Plastics and other materials.
The superior corrosion resistant characteristics of BaerCoil inserts assure their adaptability to most materials and usual enviromental conditions.

Maximum Clamping Torque
BaerCoil Inserts develop maximum clamping load and bolt tension through efficient use of the applied torque. Their smooth rolled thread surface assures the most effective use of high strenght alloy steel bolts.

Minimizes total costs
Overall, costs can be saved in your production by ensuring the required strength of the threaded connection in less expensive material. Additional savings potential is offered by the material savings, the space minimization and the smaller screw dimensions.

Quality and reliability
Strict and consistent quality control in all production steps promises an optimal product.

Insert Retention
Correctly fitted the BaerCoil will not move. It is secured in through the radial pressure exerted by the coils bearing on the thread flanks. Radual Pressure exists due to the outside diameter of the BaerCoil, in its free state, being larger by a calculated amount than the tapped hole into which it is to be installed.

Sketch of a screwed-in thread insert

Baer Coil thread inserts are, as a rule, suitable and compatible with wire thread inserts, installation tools and taps from other manufacturers. This is due to the fact that the thread inserts are standardized (most often according to DIN 8140) and therefore have the same dimensions. Furthermore, we also deliver according to standards: DIN 65536, EN 2944, LN 9039, LN 9490, LN 9499, LN9499, NASM 21209 etc. However, these specifications are without guarantee and must always be checked in the application.