BaerFix® Technical Information

BaerFix thread inserts are conically shaped at the lower end and have cutting slots. When screwed into a locating hole, they cut their locating thread themselves (= self-tapping). This guarantees absolutely secure and firm anchoring in the mounting material. Due to the tight tolerances and the self-cut nut thread, the BaerFix thread insert is permanently anchored in the workpiece, resistant to shock and vibration. BaerFix for the production of highly stressable and wear-resistant screw connections in materials with low shear strength.

Large effective shearing surface
The BaerFix Thread Insert has a large effective surface, so ensuring a higher degree of pull-out strength, i.e. an M 5 is often sufficient instead of a cut M 6 thread.

Flange Cover
In a workpiece made of a light alloy, the BaerFix Insert achieves almost maximum pull-out strength with only 30 % flange cover.

Pull-out strength
Baer Fix thread inserts are highly resilient. For example, in a light metal application, a pull-out strength can be achieved that exceeds the yield strength of an 8.8 screw.

Minimizing weight and space
Weight saving is an undisputed and important design element for many products. Maximum space savings are possible with the highest load capacity of the armored thread. With BaerFix thread inserts, fewer connection points are required, screw dimensions can be reduced, savings in material, installation space and weight with the same or higher requirements.

Corrosion resistance
Excellent corrosion resistance is a feature of BaerFix thread inserts. These thus guarantee applicability in almost all materials and under most environmental conditions.

Minimize Total Cost
Overall production cost savings may be realised by using a less expensive material and still maintain the required thread strength with BaerCoil inserts. Costs savings apply in many directions - lower insert cost, lower installation costs and smaller bosses all produce savings.

Quality and reliability
Strict and consistent quality control in all production steps promises an optimal product.

The BaerFix is used throughout the whole of the metal and plastics processing industry. Mainly automotive industry, plants and equipment construction, electrical and laboratory supplies and military applications.

Baer Fix thread inserts are mainly made of the following materials:

  • Case hardened steel, zinc plated, yellow chromated
  • Brass
  • Stainless steel 1.4105
  • Stainless steel 1.4305

Other materials and surface treatments on request.

Baer Fix thread inserts are manufactured to ISO 2768-m tolerance. BaerFix products are compatible and suitable with the thread inserts and tools of other manufacturers.

Further delivery program - on request

  • BaerFix self-tapping thread inserts with tapping holes
  • BaerFix self-tapping thread inserts with hexagon socket
  • BaerFix thread inserts for cold insertion
  • BaerFix thread inserts for hot pressing
  • BaerFix thread inserts for ultrasonic insertion
  • BaerFix thread inserts for screwing into a nut thread
  • Thread inserts according to drawing or sample (special designs)