BaerFix® Instruction for use (Thread Repair)

1. Drilling

Clear the damaged thread with a drill.

2. Screwing a BaerFix insert on the inserting tool

Screw the BaerFix insert, with cutting slots pointing downwards, on the inserting tool. Lock the BaerFix insert with the nut by wrench.

3. Installing the insert

Screw the BaerFix insert into the borehole. The BaerFix thread insert is self-tapping. The inserting tool has a 1/4“ hexagonal shank and can be used by a cordless screwdriver or a wrench socket.

4. Unlocking the counternut and screwing off the inserting tool

Unlock the counternut by a wrench and screw off the inserting tool. Screw joints with BaerFix inserts are vibration resistant, wear-free and have a high load capacity in materials with low shearing strength.

Range of applications
Aluminium, light alloys, brass, bronze, NF metals, cast iron, laminates, hardwoods, plastics ect.
Use in machine-building, electrical, automotive, medical, military and aerospace industries.

  • Thread Repair of damaged or worn-out threads
  • Recovery of rejected items
  • Thread Armour Plating. For Materials with low shear strength
    e.g. aluminium alloys or magnesium alloys.


For strong, hard and tough materials
For strong, hard and tough materials it is recommended to tap the thread (max. intermediate tap) before the installation of BaerFix inserts.

BaerFix® Thread Repair - video: