BaerFix® Spark Plug Thread Repair Instructions for Use

1. Core drilling

first step: core hole drilling in cross section

Drill out the broken thread with a core drill.

2. BaerTurn fixed onto the installation tool

second step: turn threaded bush with cutting hole downwards onto installation tool

It is recommended to apply a little grease to the thread of the installation tool so that it can be unscrewed more easily later. Now screw the BaerFix thread insert, with the cutting holes facing downwards, onto the installation tool and lock it with the nut.

3. BaerFix screw in

third step: screw in BaerFix threaded bush, cross-section illustration

BaerScrew the Fix thread insert into the hole until the installation tool is seated on the surface. The BaerFix thread insert cuts its own mounting thread. The installation tool has a hexagon socket and can therefore be operated with a nut and tool ratchet. Loosen the lock nuts again and unscrew the installation tool. The new spark plug thread is ready.

4. Seat of the thread insert

fourth step: BaerFix threaded bushing fits optimally and seals

The BaerFix thread insert is placed slightly below the cylinder head surface by the installation tool during installation, thus ensuring that the spark plug sealing ring grips and seals optimally. Threads with BaerFix thread inserts withstand higher loads and guarantee optimum hold and fit.