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Strongest bolted connection - BaerCoil® System's wire thread inserts combined with forming taps
The new BaerCoil System is strong, wear-resistant and offers enormous saving potential for material, weight and costs. The construction provides new possibilities for commercial usage and for the strain capacity of screw joints. Engineers from nearly all mechanical engineering fields are searching for building components that have a greater strain capacity and for ways of reducing both weight and costs. Bolted connections must also fulfill these requirements. Thus, they have continuously been the focus of innovation. BaerCoil wire thread inserts, which are turned into a formed parent thread, achieve exceptional pull-out strength- and wear-resistance values. There are two reasons for this:
1. The thread is formed and not cut. Specialized BaerCoil forming taps, which form and plasticize the material, are used for this purpose. The parent thread material is compressed to make it denser. Result: The thread into which the BaerCoil wire thread insert is turned has a significantly higher strain capacity. The process of thread forming is quicker and produces a better surface than thread cutting. Additionally there are no chips, and the thread forming tap has a longer life time.
2. The BaerCoil wire thread insert ensures an optimal distribution of pull-out load for the thread turns across the entire thread length. By comparison the first two threads of a normal screw joint often carry over 70% of the load. An even distribution across the thread insert greatly increases tensile strength. The longer the thread insert, the greater the strain capacity is compared to a normal thread. The drawing illustrates the possible material savings when using a smaller screw or smaller thread.

The BaerCoil System's combination of thread forming and wire thread insert make modern dimensions possible for construction, development and improvement of previous building components. Cryogenic Materialtests - CryoMaK within the Institute for Technical Physics at the Institute of Technology in Karlsruhe – KIT – have conducted pull-out strength tests. And customers, after performing internal tests, are already taking advantage of the system and have integrated it into their production process.

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Publication in professional magazine: Fastener Fixing Technologies - Read Issue 5
BaerCoil® forming tap product page
BaerCoil® forming tap catalog page (.pdf-page)
Pictures reasearch from Materialtests - CryoMak

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Fastener Fair in Hannover 24.04.2012 to 26.04.2012

Booth: B 26 - Hall 21

Beside the biggest industry fair the Fastener Fair is in Hannover at the same time. That fits - Where is it more important to have efficient bolted connections than in Industry applications? The pursuit of possibilities to make bolted connections, more wear-resistant and stronger motivates us. Our new research with forming taps combinated with wire thread inserts shows that there is a lot of potential in connection solutions with BaerCoil and BaerFix inserts.
We'd like to discuss the new technologies and our further cooperation with you on the fair.

We are looking forward to meet you at our booth!

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Where is booth B26? - floor plan (.pdf-file)

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