BaerCoil® Taps - Surface Treatments

Increase of nitrogene of the tools surface in a tenifer bath at approximately 550°C, 0.02 mm depth.
Hardness = 1100 HV.
Improved friction properties and an increased wearing resistance.

VAP Stream oxydated
In a water steam atmosphere of 530°C we manufacture an oxyde layer which prevents cold welding extensively.

Surface Treatments Service for every Threading Tool

We can manufacture every threading tools with a surface treatment - please inquire


TIN coating (Titanium nitrade)
Titanium, evaporated at approximately 500°C.
Hardness = 1100 HV
Coat thickness 0.002 mm
Extremely wear- resp. abraison-resistant.
Very good riction properties.


TiCN coating
Similar procedure to the TIN coaring.
Titanium-carbon-nitride coating, vapour-deposited in the PVD process at approximately 500°C.
Hardness = 3000 HB
Coat thickness = 0.002 - 0.003 mm
In comparision to the TIN coating the tool life is prolonged once more and the cutting speed is increased.

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