BaerCoil® Threading Tools for Wire Thread Inserts

BaerCoil® Taps differ from standard taps dimensionally. They have a larger diameter but the same pitch as a standard tap in order to accommodate the wire thread insert.

Bottoming Taps
BaerCoil® Bottoming Taps can be used by hand or machine.

· for small batch series und thread repair

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Taps, sets of 2 pcs.
BaerCoil® Taps, sets of 2 pcs.

· for thread repair of bigger sizes (above M 26)
· for small batch series

Catalog Pages: Taps, sets of 2 pcs.

Taps with pilot nose, for spark plug
BaerCoil® Taps with pilot nose, for spark plug - HSSG
· for tapping holding threads in damaged metric threads
· no pre-drilling
· mainly for spark plug
· for through holes and deep blind holes
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Machine taps - ECO
BaerCoil® Machine Tap - ECO for Wire Thread Inserts

· for average batch series
· for through holes
· for blind holes
· universal for all steels up to 750 N/mm²

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Machine Tap - PRO
BaerCoil® Machine Tap - PRO for Wire Thread Inserts

· for big batch series
· for through holes
· for blind holes
· case-hardened steels, heat treatable steels up to 1000 N/mm²
· structural steels, carbon tool steels, cast steel up to 1000 N/mm²
· alloy of aluminium, soft brass, red brass, copper

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Fluteless machine taps (forming taps)
BaerCoil® Forming Taps - HSSE

· increased pull out stength and torque of the formed threads
· creates a better surface quality
· no removal of swarf, no jaming of swarf
· higher forming speed as compared to thread cutting
· greater tool lifetimes

· Mouldable materials such as aluminium
· copper and zinc alloys, steel up to 700 N/mm²
· soft stainless steels

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Solid carbide drill thread milling cutters
BaerCoil® Solid carbide drill thread milling cutter for Wire thread inserts

· 45° chamfer for countersinking
· with and without internal coolant
· straight shank DIN 6535
· two right hand spiral flutes
· for mass production

Combines drilling with thread milling and chamfering in the production of internal threads. Maximises productivity by eliminating tool changing. Particularly suitable for machining non-ferrous metal and cast iron.

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Precision Thread Gauges
BaerCoil® Precision Thread Gauges

· ISO metric thread DIN 8140-2
· Gauge dimensions acc. DIN ISO 1502
· UNC-Thread
· UNF-Gewinde
· Go and No-Go-Part
· Class of fit of the finished assembly is dependant on the accuracy of the
  tapped hole. If the tapped hole gauges correctly it is not necessary to
  gauge the installed inserts.

Catalog Page: Precision Thread Gauges

· Thread Designations

· Drill Sizes

· Surface Treatments

· Metric Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions

· UNC Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions

· UNF Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions

· BSW Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions

· BSF Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions

· G (BSP) Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions

· BA Wire Thread Inserts - Dimensions


BaerCoil® taps are compatible with wire thread inserts and taps from other manufacturers. A compatibility can't be surely guaranteed so it is always recommend to test from case to case.
They are often called “STI“ or “EG“ taps.


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