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About us

Precision and Quality
Quality is the best way of advertising, because customer satisfaction ensures our success.

Our quality check starts with the receipt of goods and continues until the outgoing of the products. Customer satisfaction is our main priority.

Precision and quality do not end with our inspection of the products, they are also reflected in all new developments. New ideas improve the quality and make the products more precise.

Development and Innovation

Always one step ahead.

Our aim is to achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction. Our tools are supposed to present concrete solutions and their applications are as efficient and easy as possible. It is not easy to achieve this - but we are well prepared.

Our cooperation with other industries, companies and research centers, has lead to a strong network, creating and realizing new ideas. Each of our employees contributes to our innovations with his specific knowledge.

The focus on thread products makes our engineers to experts. We are open to interbranch innovations.

Our developments secure our future, improve our market position, help people and delight our customers - and we're proud of it.

We respond attentively to any customer suggestion and we produce custom-made products.

Tradition and Experience
For over 35 years we deal with what we are experts in: threading technique. In this field we have gained a wealth of experience from which you benefit as our customer.

As a family business our identification with our products is stronger and more intensive, so that every customer and every renewal, innovation and improvement are our main priority.

We are a company with a real sense of tradition. We have established ourselves as a felxible and competent partner in the field of threading tools.

This is our demand: to shape the future and develop tools which fulfill the ever-changing needs of our customers.
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